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Serge Filanovsky s6serge at verizon.net
Wed Sep 7 13:25:03 EDT 2005

You mean the UrQ caravan was not the only procession to be so warmly greeted
by the CT troopers? I heard some rumors about sections of highway being
closed down... I assumed it was some welcome gesture of sorts, several
people were waived by, while others were pulled over, only to examine the
fine vintage UrMachinery, of course... Or so the story goes.

Serge, I know nuthiiiing, Filanovsky

95.5 S6, vanishing paint, Avant

> Paul?  Paul who?  You mean Sgt. Schultz...
> Ah, oh, 'that'.  Ah yes, that.  No story...  calls were made roadblocks
> were established conversations were exchanged no action was taken 19"
> wheels, etc. rolled along merrily.  Pretty funny actually, well sort of.
> A week+ later... I'm still digesting the gravity of it all folks.  Seems
> many people were rather moved by one, thing, or 'another'.  Damn, I'm
> flattered and proud it all played out so well for so many.  Can't ask
> for more than that.
> Need more Canadian's tho... the '05 contingency of Vincent (mit
> "MWHAHAHAH, pardon" shirt for 3 days) paled in comparison to the '04
> Canuckian Invasion.  Shame on you guys.  Least a Colorodian stepped up
> in lieu...
> -Paul sometimes also Schultz
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> Well, seems I did miss the fun !
> What was the outcome of that little event
>> ps.  Edweirdo...  note the GT2 pics
>> http://gallery.rennlist.com/gallery/album349/SFest_4566a and
>> http://gallery.rennlist.com/gallery/album349/SFest_4567a now feature
> 19"
>> Champion Racing titanium forged wheels, CF wing / mirrors / grille,
> and
>> 600+ software...  your pants wouldn't have stood a chance.  Neither
> did
>> the 5 officers'...
> I think the entire story is on order Paul.
> Mark S
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