[s-cars] Front Suspension clunking (still)

HOOG23@aol.com HOOG23 at aol.com
Wed Sep 7 20:23:44 EDT 2005

I am undergoing the exact same issues with my stock 77k mile  '95.   Makes 
the "clunk" under the exact same circumstances.
I took it to my trusty independent audi mechanic and he said that it was  the 
steering rack.  However the extended warranty company did not want to  
reimburse me for a oem remanufactured rack - only a "rebuilt" rack that they  would 
only supply (big difference in price).  After spending about 3 hrs on  the 
phone with them my mechanic (got pissed off and) suggested I go to the audi  
dealer were I bought it and the extended warranty (Fairfield Audi) and that they  
would most likely only replace the rack with OEM.
So I took it to Audi of Fairfield and they tell me that its the front  struts 
(not strut mounts/bearings) and not the rack.  So anyway they  replaced the 
struts and did an alignment (steering wheel is now crooked even  after I 
brought it back a 2nd time) and it still makes the same exact  "clunk."  Only 
consolidation is that I now have two new struts and an  alignment for $120 out of 
So I'm still in the same boat.  Maybe there are no more  senior mechanics who 
still specialize in our older vehicles at the dealers  any more?

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