[s-cars] Front Suspension clunking (still)

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Steve clunked:

<<<Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 16:23:36 -0700
From: "Steve Voit" <stevevoit at comcast.net>
Subject: [s-cars] Front Suspension clunking (still)

I have worsening front end noise on which I'd like your opinion:

*	Distinct noise (metallic-ish creak or clunk) (right or left
side, or
both sides) principally when changing direction such as backing from
and then proceeding forward.  Most stop signs.  Sometimes simply when
braking and accelerating.  Or the crown jewel: backing and turning from
parking spot in a hilly parking lot.
*	I had the 2 Bennett camber plates installed along with
Eibach/Bilstein about 7000 miles ago, and drive smooth roads.
*	After first hearing the noise I had my control arms replaced
*	More recently 4000 miles later I replaced my sway bar bushings
tightened up all subfame mounts.
*	My sense is that it is lighter (lower mass) components that are
causing the noise, and that the subframe stuff is not causal.


1.	Fenders liners not adequately trimmed.  This was 2Bennett's
reaction, I'll check this although I have reservations because the noise
equally occur during very quiet periods, suspension-wise, such as just
turning in a parking garage at creeping speeds, where I wouldn't expect
suspension deflection.
2.	Inadequate torque on strut inserts. (favorite theory) 2Bennett
suggest its difficult to achieve the 175-200 lb-ft torque on the strut
collar.  They have seen (only once) the lower part of the strut inserts
noise under this condition.  Suggested that I tighten and/or machine a
spacer collar for the strut.  This dimensional situation was worse on
cars such as 4000's where the diameter of the insert was very much
from the strut housing.
3.	Play in metallic ball on Camber Plate.  2Bennett suggests the
was designed to be silent.  My mechanic doesn't think he's observing
motion at this location to make the noise.
4.	I recall listers commenting on noise resulting from an
b/w the sway bar and the conduit pipe that carries wiring across (under)
engine.  I don't have information on this.


Any thoughts?  I want to check everything out as long as I'm spending
the $$
to have a look.

Thanks in advance,

Steve in Seattle

95.5 S6>>>


Damn that saga sounds familiar, and has been kicked around on list for
while now with seemingly no tangible conclusions.  My case is same as
yours minus camber plates.  I even had the strut top mounts and bearings
done.  All I know is it is better now, something I did (likely the
latter) got rid of it.  Mostly.  Bilsteins are tight as are their caps,
heck I even added oil down the housings when we did the install to aid
in internal strut dampening in the housing.  

Still sounds like crap up there.  Sometimes.  Which is the best part...
it's all intermittent.  Bill Perron and Iiken this wonderful phenomena
to feeling like the entire front end is about to fall off.  And then it
feels good again.  

I still get that 'creek' when I return the wheel from right turns to
center but that's not a clunk, speculation was like you said on that
metal wiring conduit that runs across back of pan / sway bar.  I pried
on it to create distance, still creeky.  Sounds great in my parking
garage oh yes...

My conclusion is like Serge aptly said, "sometimes my car starts to feel
all used up" (Serge, trademark).  Then on somedays it's fine.  I just
beat on it harder and it seems to help.  

Or something.

HTH.  Or doesn't.  Not sure.


ps.  wonder if I should address that torn rack boot before I cook
something else up there, naaaaaaa maybe it'll heal...

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