[s-cars] Part: Lightweight Flywheel

Serge Filanovsky s6serge at verizon.net
Thu Sep 8 21:22:57 EDT 2005

I would confirm, this setup can take a real pounding, and come out smelling


> <<<Clutch was from Spec... A word of warning.. it slipped worse than the
> clutch 
> I replaced. For the first 400 - 800 miles you must be VERY gentle with
> it.
> NO, Absolutely NO high boost pulls.
> After the bedding in process, it grabs like a hooker on a hundred dollar
> bill...
> 4000-5000 RPM drops not a problem.
> Something to think about... the LWAFW's (generally) are not all that
> quite 
> with the clutch disengaged, mine rattles like a diesel :) (I think
> Paul's 
> does as well ???)
> Mark (buried my empty wallet) S>>>
> OHhhhhh boy, here we go again.  I'll agree with all of Mark's thoughts
> (my LWFW was from NEA in NH), esp. on the idle rattle.  I will only add
> that, yes, the rattle is worth the newfound spoolup and engine
> diaharettic that resulted.  Oh and seems a few out there have less
> rattly LWFW's, or so they claim.  Oh, and also, if you do a LWFW it's no
> longer dual mass (horray the car gains some much needed clutch
> character) and you cannot use the OE clutch.
> And the short shifter you ask?  Weight it while you're at it, and your
> adding up a fun fun combo to the LWFW / clutch.  Vehicular heroin, the
> boost is silly and the car becomes well connected to the senses.  Even
> sillier if you can get your software tuned after LWFW install, so real
> world dial in is achieved.  I was able to gain some ignition advance as
> result of the less parasitic motor load, thanks Mihnea, fun stuff.
> And if you can swap in a 6 spd since you're in there doing it anyway.
> LWFW and sticky clutch /SSK/6pd, recipe for both LWW (Lightweight
> Wallet) and LWL (Lightweight License).  Powerband / gearing / drivetrain
> feel combo is sublime, or is that subliminal.  Dunno.
> -Paul lightweight wallet / kevlar license K.
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