[s-cars] Spark Plugs

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Mon Sep 12 19:10:00 EDT 2005

FYI, Wayne, a 5 mm Allen wrench exposes the plugs and no special tools are 
required to R&R the plugs once they are exposed.  The simple little lug 
wrench which came as part of the small toolkit with the car also serves as 
a plug wrench.  Additionally, the screwdriver handle fits into the lug 
wrench end to provide better leverage when using the plug wrench.  The 
proper torque for the plugs is, I hear, 22 ft-lbs.  This is about what 
feels right to a non-King-Kong guy like me when tightening the plugs by 
hand.  I've never had one back out on me in 160K miles with my S6.

At 06:55 PM 9/12/2005, Wayne Dohnal wrote:

>Just in case you're no familiar with the engine, the plugs are under that
>long thin cover in the middle of the valve cover.  Look way down, that's
>them down there.  When I got the car it took me a few weeks of random
>looking around to find them.  You'll need a fairly thin-walled socket to get
>into the cavity.  They're not rare or anything like that, just not every
>socket will work.  Make you you torque them to spec, and (very important!)
>retorque them at least once after a few hundred miles.  These plugs have a
>bad habit of coming loose and a few unlucky owners have one blown half way
>through the hood, causing a lot of collateral damage to the engine.  Mine
>seem to stay tight after the first retorque.  When I changed them the first
>time, a couple of the plugs were only finger-tight.  It's not a horrible
>job, and the new plugs will last for at least a few 10,000s of miles.
>Wayne Dohnal
>1994 S4
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