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In the FWIW category on oil, for those interested some fellow by the name of
Michael Kaufman put together a self published tome ambitiously titled "Motor
Oil Bible"  You can find it at  www.TheMotorOilSite.com or, if you like, I
downloaded a copy a year or two back (@ 3M pdf file, 187 pages +/-) which
purports to present an "independent" view of the oil question.  Among his
more interesting statements is the observation that synthetic oil typically
"runs" 40° F (I think he's using Fahrenheit) cooler than equivalent
petroleum based product.  

As for alternative plugs, you can take a look at www.sparkplugs.com  Based
on a suggestion from a cart racer, I have a set of
http://www.sparkplugs.com/more_info.asp?AAIA=&pid=16894 to try out on the
Green Garbage can as track plugs.  Haven't tried them, so I've no idea if
they'll work very well.  On the downside, one of the less pleasant effects
of knocking can be to knock the center electrode and ceramic carrier out of
your plug, which can cost you a turbo, or a valve or cylinder bore


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