[s-cars] Ignintion Switch Replacement .. success at last!

Lewis Consulting lewisconsulting at sasktel.net
Wed Sep 14 19:49:54 EDT 2005

To all those who had offered advice, just want to say thanks!!!   The new switch is in and my signal buzzing is gone.  My radio did not want to get off Safe for multiple tries, then finally.   Installation went smoothly thanks to the AudiFans document by Kent McLean and Chris Thorp.  Interesting to note that Kent's article says to press the FM1 and AM to reprogramme, the 96 book says FM1/2 and DX.... think I ultimately used the DX.  The old switch was white, new one black.  I was told my car had the switch done in a recall in 1997.... hmmm, is there a way to tell if this is the original?

Anyway, on to fixing my vacuum leak .... and turning left again!

Thanks again, 

Randy  96//S6
Lewis Consulting

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