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Thu Sep 15 09:43:24 EDT 2005

Joey pretended his car had launch control, oh, and was actually IN the
state of NY, or even near:

<<<From: Joe Pizzimenti <joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [s-cars] Spark Plugs

Well, when the Mitsu starts the idle tick that sounds like lifters, I 
usually just play around with the throttle cable, holding the car at 3k,
5k, 6k, 7k, etc with no load on the motor for about 20-30 seconds at
interval. Stops making noise for a while after that.

Now whether that actually fixes the problem or just beats the lifters
submission, you be the judge.>>> 


Correction I think...

You mean the 'Ferris Bueller Parking Garage Attendants' you left the car
with back in Feb back in Ohio back with the blown motor are now
exercising your launch control on the fresh rebuild, out in Ohio, don't


How you like the neon green alien valve stem caps?  Chili?

-Paul least my varying states of busted up cars are in my own state K.

ps.  heh heh am I the only one here that thinks Bill Clancy is more like
"Bill Clancy" (akin to "Bob DG")????  I keep trying not to think so but
can't deny it really seemz someone is out there, posting bizzarro-posts
just to F with our heads here...  you know the ones that are completely
contrary to any and every mankind???  Maybe it's just me 8-).  Pizzo,
you aliasing as "Bill Clancy"???

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