[s-cars] Redline Tranny Fluid

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Thu Sep 15 12:20:30 EDT 2005

If you are going to Redline, use the MTL or MT90 in your trans.  MTL  is 
70w80 and the Mt 90 is 90W.  Some use a combination of both.
Do not put the Redline 75W90 in your trans.  It is GL5 gear oil and is  not 
good for the brass syncros in the transmission.  Audi only recommends  GL4 for 
the transmission.  Use the 75W90 in the rear diff.
The MTL and MT90 are both GL4.
Greg W.
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mmolyneux at gmail.com writes:

It's me  again, with another lubricant question. 
I'm about to put an S4tt 6-speed  into the S6 and wondered if there was a 
transmission fluid of choice for  the 01E. I'm leaning toward Redline because 
of their reputation, but  really don't know what weight to use, nor do I know 
if I should use the  friction modifier free type or not (75W90NS). Anyone 
have an oil they have  changed (I know these are supposed to be sealed for 
life gboxes) and  really like? Thanks in advance. I'll let everyone know how 
it goes once  it's in.
Matt Molyneux
95 S6

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