[s-cars] Redline Tranny Fluid

northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Thu Sep 15 12:26:42 EDT 2005

Redline says to use MT-90 in the S4TT transmission.  Many S4TT owners who 
use Redline products use 2/3 MT-90 and 1/3 MTL in colder climates. Using 
MTL alone in an S4TT transmission is NOT a good idea. 

I actually use 3/4 MT-90 and 1/4 MTL in my S4TT trans.


On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Matt Molyneux wrote:

> It's me again, with another lubricant question. 
>  I'm about to put an S4tt 6-speed into the S6 and wondered if there was a 
> transmission fluid of choice for the 01E. I'm leaning toward Redline because 
> of their reputation, but really don't know what weight to use, nor do I know 
> if I should use the friction modifier free type or not (75W90NS). Anyone 
> have an oil they have changed (I know these are supposed to be sealed for 
> life gboxes) and really like? Thanks in advance. I'll let everyone know how 
> it goes once it's in.
>  Matt Molyneux
> 95 S6
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