[s-cars] special tool advice

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 15 17:19:48 EDT 2005

I'd say you are better off buying a 12 ton shop press and some standard 
bearing pullers.  Far more useful and less expensive than a VW/Audi-specific 
wheel bearing puller, although it does take up more shop space.

Just my $.02

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> hi all, im considering purchasing this tool or one like it.
> any suggestions or advice?
> http://www.SamstagSales.com/sirtools.htm#bearing
> http://www.SamstagSales.com/SirTool/stb90-va.htm
> yeah, its expensive, but an investment for the future... im not even 30
> yet, so i should have another decade or five to DIY instead of
> POTA(payouttheass)..
> and just maybe i could rent it out to honorable folk for the benefit of
> mankind.
> anything?
> -brian
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