[s-cars] Redline Tranny Fluid

Matt Molyneux mmolyneux at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 20:07:53 EDT 2005

About the proconten bracket. I had read somewhere when I was doing research 
that the S6 didn't use the proconten system at all, but now that you have 
asked and some people have said earlier models DID have it, I guess I'll 
need to deal with it, as I do have an early model S6. Great.

I know what the proconten system does, but it doesn't seem all that 
necessary to me. How much does the belt really need to tighten up if the 
engine is hit? I may just need to leave the cables unattached. But, if 
possible, I don't see why you can't just find another way to bolt them onto 
the tranny. Has anyone had experience with this system that could tell me 
whether or not this is even possible? Once again, I'm having to pull 
something out of my @$$, just when I thought everything checked out.

Matt Molyneux
95 S6

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