[s-cars] Anyone replaced a turn signal arm?

brian hoeft surlyq at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 12:23:37 EDT 2005

On 9/16/05, Lewis Consulting <lewisconsulting at sasktel.net> wrote: 
> Hi Guys,
> This is not in reference to my own arm sticking out of the window, rather, 
> the little lever on the column. Is this a big job to replace or clean the 
> switch contacts...there is contacts isn't there? Is there documentation on 
> the remove and replace?

 not necessarily a big job, so much as its a delicate detail oriented bitch 
of a job.... um, so yeah, big job i guess. to get it off completely the 
steering wheel and trim behind it must be removed.. thats the part that 
sucks.. then looking for the hex collar clamping it to the steering column.
 documentation? besides this? i dunno.. google searches, AW searches and 
s-cars.org <http://s-cars.org> searches can yield a bountiful wealth of 
 there are contacts, but none really accessible until you pull it off 
anyways.. one harness you can get to while attached to the steering 
column... which requires removing the leather expanding trim(very fragile). 
then theres a row of vertical pins, far left and right.... you could maybe 
blindly, frugally, spray some deoxit in there and hope for the best.. :) 
imagine where youre aiming

Another question, if there is insufficient power getting to the signal relay 
> ( the one beside the ignition), what could cause the reduced power? Ignition 
> switch has been replaced and things have seem to have improved a little, but 
> still having intermittent buzzing from relay. Relay has also been replaced.

 so youre asking if insufficient power can cause reduced power?... :)) 
sounds logical enough.
ive known buzzing to be loose or corroded, but its an audi, so anythings 


 your welcome, -brian

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