[s-cars] '95 S6 Electrical Problems Compounding

Matt Molyneux mmolyneux at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 00:35:59 EDT 2005

I don't have any suggestions, but I may have a similar problem. My autocheck 
display has gone out in the past, with the backlight still working, and then 
after a day or so come back on, working perfectly. I hope this isn't a sign 
that the ignition is going bad as well. Is the autocheck display problem a 
common one, or just tied to the ignition?

On 9/17/05, Bill de Alva <billdealva at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a growing list of electrical problems. First, my ignition switch 
> went bad. The spring broke so the switch did not return from the start 
> position. I lived with this for a couple of months, remembering to manually 
> turn the switch back each time the car was started. There is a service 
> bulletin on this problem that convinced me that I did not want to tackle 
> replacement of the switch (involves removing the steering wheel and dash).
> So... I had my local mechanic replace the switch. Just before delivering 
> the car to my mechanic, the autocheck display died. My mechanic checked the 
> bulbs that back light the autocheck display and replaced the display with a 
> used one from a wrecked car. The display is still dead.
> I drove the car for a couple hundred miles with the new ignition switch. 
> Yesterday, when I turned the car off, the fresh air blower stayed on. The 
> back light to the emergency flasher switch also stayed on. I had to pull the 
> fuse for the blower to keep the battery from going dead.
> I somehow suspect all these problems are related. Obviously, the most 
> pressing problem is the fresh air blower staying on. I suspect the blower 
> problem is related to the ignition switch replacement. I know the heater 
> control module has a self diagnostic function but I doubt that will help as 
> the blower still runs when the heater control is off.
> My instinct is that electrical problems of this magnitude would best be 
> dealt with by a mechanic equipped and trained for all the diagnostic 
> procedures described in the manual. Unfortunately, the service manager at 
> the nearest Audi dealer told me he no longer has any mechanics trained to 
> service the '95 S6 and recommended several independent mechanics instead. 
> I've used several of the recommended mechanics, most of whom seem to be very 
> good at dealing with mechanical issues but somewhat lost when it comes to 
> tracing electrical problems.
> Any suggestions regarding the source of the problem with the fresh air 
> blower or the name of a mechanic expert in electrical problems would be 
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks again for any help,
> Bill de Alva
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