[s-cars] 1.8t coil pack conversion - CANCEL the plug extenders

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Sun Sep 18 03:10:06 EDT 2005

I was sitting here at my desk playing with my trial coil pack and a
F5DPOR pushing the plug into the coil pack plug connector and measuring
the depth of penetration versus the depth of the receptacle connector
for the spark plug end when I noticed this slot in the metal portion of
the plug connector .  Hmmmm... I wonder what that is for?  WTF!!! Its an
expansion slot to let the metal expand to go over the spark plug hex!!!
Bingo!!!! Then I pushed the plug in harder and VOILA, the metal bit
expanded, the plug went in ALL the way in and the coil pack was grabbing
onto the spark plug quite firmly.  Yippeee!!

So I trimmed more of the rubber ring and then trimmed a hard plastic
ring and went out to the garage (11:30 PM).  Sure enough, the coil pack
went down enough to bottom out the spark plug connector AND grab firmly
onto the spark plug (Bonus - I won't have to worry quite as much about a
coil pack hold down system - at least until after I turn the ignition
on!!!  (Tomorrow I hope!!)

There are a few minor wiring location problems to overcome as a result
of this change in coil pack depth but after all that, it will be a piece
of cake.  (I have been taking pictures - in case this actually works)

Dave F.

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