[s-cars] 1.8t Coil Pack Conversion. I turned the key and...

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Sun Sep 18 22:44:26 EDT 2005

YIPPEE!!!   Its ALIiiiiiive!!!

Started right away, sounded good, rev'd nicely.  I still have to tidy up
the wiring a bit and its late and I'm tired,  so I didn't even take it
out of the garage.   Once I finish tieing down the wiring, I will take
it for a drive and give a better report.  However, it looks very
promising at this point.  I was slow doing this project but I didn't
make any mistakes (okay I sliced one finger today).   I was just amazed
it started and ran so smoothly. (Yippeee!!)

This is all based on the 06B 905 115 L 1.8t coil packs that are
currently selling for about $30 each. They have a built in POS, Coil and
plug connector all in this one unit.  So for $150, I get the equivalent
of 2 OEM S-car POSs, 5 OEM coils and 5 connector boots.  Do the Math.
This is worth it (IF the test drive turns out fine)

I have been taking pictures and will do a write up with part numbers and
tricks once I am sure it works on the road.

Time for a beer  (After bottling 700 bottles of wine earlier today, I'm
not that interested in a glass of wine). ;>)

Dave F.

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