[s-cars] Bilstein Sports Installed

Southerlin, Russell S russell.s.southerlin at lmco.com
Mon Sep 19 12:46:31 EDT 2005

Thanks for the help.

I got my car put back together last night although still need to do an
alignment. I am going to do a homebrew alignment to get it close. I am
using a set of those laser levels to shoot laser dot onto wall.  We will
see how it works. 

Anyway I still don't have enough camber adjustment on right side even
after doing the Igor 4mm offset - should have done 5 or 6 mm offset??
As far a drop I have right at 362mm rear and 368mm drivers front and
380mm pass front.   The front right is almost 0.5inch higher than front
left??  Not sure what is going on there.  It looks like I will need the
10mm spacer after all. Anyone know what could cause the front right to
be so high?

Russell Southerlin

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