[s-cars] Some questions

Ian Duff iduff at comcast.net
Mon Sep 19 12:59:54 EDT 2005

Maybe dumb questions. I'm certainly good at them.

I recently installed new Mintex Red Box pads on new OEM front rotors. Prior
to the install, the pad warning symbol was not on. It is now, after new
pads. I have pulled the connector apart, and doused the joint in Pro-Gold,
to no avail. I put my DMM on the old and the new pads, and measured the same
resistance, so I guess both Mintex knows their game, and the new pad wear
sensors are OK. If this is true, why is the wear sensor lit? And how can I
convince it it has new pads? Time to slather in a tube of Stabilant-22?

Next dumb question, the driver's side air vent (in front of the
intercooler), low in the front bumper cover, fell out (in, actually). Turns
out there is a broken tab on the inside of the bumper cover, where it
mounts, that holds it in. Everything was sitting happily on the belly pan
(now I know what it's for), so presumably all I have to do is glue it back
somehow. It's not visible, so cosmetics are not an issue, but staying in
place is. What kind of adhesive/glue might I use? Failing a very persuasive
suggestion for glue, I'm tempted to use gobs of WEST epoxy. Any other ideas?

BTW, I've just been replacing all the coolant hoses. Not a bad idea given
their age, two of which are showing signs of leaking at an end. Might not be
a bad idea to check. I changed over to the pink G012, nice side effect
(other than only having to stock one coolant for both the S6 and the
Eurovan) is that it leaves a very visible pink crust where it leaks. Makes
locating leaks a snap.

Thanks, all.

-Ian Duff.

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