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Vincent Fregeac vfregeac at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 19 13:22:40 EDT 2005

For the pad warning symbol, check the continuity between the plug and the
warning system. It's probably a bad contact which appeared when you moved
the wire, not the new pads.

For the tab of the bumper cover, use an flexible epoxy for bumber. I used
Flex from Car System but I think any epoxy for bumper will do. A piece of
fiberglass scrim will make the repair even stronger. In this case, apply a
first layer of expoxy on the cleaned surface, press the fiberglass scrim in
the epoxy then apply another layer of expoxy. Let cure for 4h at least,
preferably 24h. I've repaired a large crack in the lower part of my bumper
cover this way and it didn't move when I parked over a concrete bump which
almost tear the belly pan apart - no, not the POS or my wife, I've done this
dumb manœuvre.


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Maybe dumb questions. I'm certainly good at them.

I recently installed new Mintex Red Box pads on new OEM front rotors. Prior
to the install, the pad warning symbol was not on. It is now, after new
pads. I have pulled the connector apart, and doused the joint in Pro-Gold,
to no avail. I put my DMM on the old and the new pads, and measured the same
resistance, so I guess both Mintex knows their game, and the new pad wear
sensors are OK. If this is true, why is the wear sensor lit? And how can I
convince it it has new pads? Time to slather in a tube of Stabilant-22?

Next dumb question, the driver's side air vent (in front of the
intercooler), low in the front bumper cover, fell out (in, actually). Turns
out there is a broken tab on the inside of the bumper cover, where it
mounts, that holds it in. Everything was sitting happily on the belly pan
(now I know what it's for), so presumably all I have to do is glue it back
somehow. It's not visible, so cosmetics are not an issue, but staying in
place is. What kind of adhesive/glue might I use? Failing a very persuasive
suggestion for glue, I'm tempted to use gobs of WEST epoxy. Any other ideas?

BTW, I've just been replacing all the coolant hoses. Not a bad idea given
their age, two of which are showing signs of leaking at an end. Might not be
a bad idea to check. I changed over to the pink G012, nice side effect
(other than only having to stock one coolant for both the S6 and the
Eurovan) is that it leaves a very visible pink crust where it leaks. Makes
locating leaks a snap.

Thanks, all.

-Ian Duff.

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