[s-cars] Window Switch Gremlins

Rfeagleye@aol.com Rfeagleye at aol.com
Mon Sep 19 21:20:02 EDT 2005

Ok, all was fine in the car till fiddled with the sterring wheel this summer. 
I let 3, maybe 4 gremlins in the car, and they have taken residence in the 
drivers power window switch bank :(

Here is what I am getting...the drivers window switches do not work. I can 
get one, maybe two to work at a time, but not consistently. At times they tend 
to "pause" when pushed, then work. The windows work fine from the switches at 
each door. The sunroof also works fine.

Here is what I have tried...replaced the window control relay under the 
drivers footwell, took the switch bank apart and put some contact enhancer on. 

I did have the battery disconnected at various times this summer for a 
steering wheel install. At times for maybe an hour or more. Yes, I had some trouble 
with the install :)

Any ideas out there for fixing this? Maybe the circuit breakers under the 

Thanks for you help!

Rob Eagleye

1993 S4 

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