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brian hoeft surlyq at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 13:05:19 EDT 2005

well, i should first admit that i dont like SUV's or the idea of audi having 
one, or the way it looks, or that it doesnt have locking diffs, but market 
statistics dont lie and theyve got a responsibility to shareholders i 
 a hybrid that large would be difficult to power i imagine, while still 
satisfying most owners expectations.
 its already so unappealing to me, id have no problem seeing solar panels 
 how about turbo biodiesel? is that even possible.
 what about hempseed oil :)
 i dont want to own a car without a clutch, though DSG is preferred of 
 hydrogen and power plug stations will be needed more prolifically if they 
are to be accepted and used widely 
 alternative fuels are great, but with fuel companies hesitant on adding 
acetone to their additives packages, weve got a long way to go.
 i apologize if i sound negative. im all for hybrids, and optimistic for the 
future, so hopefully others have more constructive input.
 until then, ill love pumping my clutch(when it pumps) and petrol for 
 On 9/20/05, Sam Clarkson <sam at edgetoedge.co.nz> wrote: 
> Hmmm a hybrid Q7 sounds interesting, what do all you audiophiles
> think. I'd like us to make up a wish list and send it to Audi, since
> it's still in the development stage and all.
> 1 a turbo diesel that can take a high % of bio-fuel.
> 2 DSG for those that don't like tiptrannys.
> 3 ability to plug in to charge the battery bank (not just engine
> charging)
> 4 solar roof charging of the batteries.
> let the debate begin....
> Sam Clarkson
> 1990 200TQA
> 1994 S4 6speed
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