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brian hoeft surlyq at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 13:14:13 EDT 2005

i know what you mean and love the look too, but wont put 18's on my car.. 
but i am very pleased with my powder black 17's (b5 avus)... east coast? be 

On 9/19/05, Matt Molyneux <mmolyneux at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Just dropped off the S6 at Road and Track Motorsport in MD to have the S4
> tranny installed, so of course I'm already looking to burn another hole in
> my pocket. Not a real important question, just dreaming aloud really, but
> does anyone know where to get the 18" Avus wheels that came on the earlier
> (euro) S8s? Ever since I discovered S cars I have been drooling over the
> Europa blue S6 wagon in the S-car.org <http://S-car.org> <http://S-car.org> 
> gallery with the
> old school S8 shoes. If you look, it's the one that has a woman standing
> beside the driver door in one photo. I think those wheels, no matter how
> heavy, are still the best looking wheels ANYWHERE, especially with the 
> newer
> center caps. I'm looking to upgrade the stock 16s and would do almost
> anything for a set of the classic 18s (not the new ones from the biturbo
> S4's and V8 S6s, and certainly not the very new ones from the V8 S4s). I
> have been thinking the best route would be to locate an Audi salvage place
> in Europe (namely UK) and pay through the A$$ to get them and have them
> shipped here, but I just wanted to know if anyone had some
> suggestions.Evenreplicas would be fine, I just NEED that classic Avus
> look. Thanks.
> Matt Molyneux
> 95 S6
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