[s-cars] 1.8t Coil Pack Conversion - Link to first photo

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Tue Sep 20 20:23:57 EDT 2005

The downside it the possibility the cheap coil packs will disappear once VW/Audi get over the embarassment of the two years of bad coils (2001-2002 apparently) and the ensuing recall.  Personally, I just ordered another five for back-up.

Dave F.

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Mark:  I doubt there would be gains over a perfecty operating N122  and N 127  
POS system and five perfect OEM coils and plug connectors.   However, at this  
point, it is better than what I had with a failing coil  and/or POS killing  
boost at WOT at speed.  Now all I have is power  delivery.  ;>)

Yeah, but at $150 US to replace all 5 of your 1.8 coils... it could almost   
be rationalized as part of a routine maintenance schedule.  Whereas, that  same  
maintenance would cost $900+ US with the origianl setup.
With nearly 200K on my car, there is likely some degredation in coil   
performance... I've never had to replace one.  At $150 plus a little  effort, it  
seems like a good move for a high mileage car.
Nice job.

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