[s-cars] Dead ECU--BMW equivalent

Tony Guttmann T.Guttmann at ms.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Sep 22 08:13:50 EDT 2005

FWIW, I was unable to locate a dead UrS4 ECU, but found that
a number of BMW Motronic ECUs are plug compatible. I emphasise--plug
compatible, they don't actually work! But if you want a chassis,
that's the way to go. I bought a 0261 200 172 from an E30 3 series BMW.
It is slightly smaller in one dimension (parallel to the car's axis)
than the original, but fine for my purpose. Other part numbers that I
believe are also plug compatible are 0261 200 175
0261 200 173/524/405/403/402/413, but I haven't tried these. Later are from
an E34 5 series.

Hope this helps someone. When I put in a MOTEC controller, I'll report
back (or slash my wrists), depending on the outcome (or maybe both).

Tony Guttmann '94 UrS4 56,000 miles

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