[s-cars] Euro A8 (314x30)spec?

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Thu Sep 22 08:22:44 EDT 2005


Try that link, there appears to be a newer(???) slightly different version, 
at least from Brembo.

Mark S
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Subject: [s-cars] Euro A8 (314x30)spec?

Dear Gentlemen, and Pizzo,

Would anyone have or be willing to measure the offset (mm) of the hub mount
front face to the disc surface for a Euro 314x30 A8 rotor (see lousy attempt
at ASCII diagram below), such as the one that comes with the ECS Stage 2
brake kit?


Serge Filanovsky

95.5 S6 Avant

Does anyone have one of these gathering dust somewhere to use for fitting.
It does not have to be in usable condition. Contact me off the list.

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