[s-cars] Wheels and Suspension

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Thu Sep 22 08:46:57 EDT 2005

I run 17" ATP S5's with 235/45-17 tires on the '95 S6 sedan with '92 springs 
and Koni Sports.  It looks good; much better than the 16" wheels and tires, 
although not as squatted down looking as on the S6 avant with the 
Eibach/Bilstein set-up.  Got a hurricane coming, but if I get a chance, I'll 
take a pic and send it on, Matt.


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> Matt,
> I'd suspect bigger wheels would look kind of goofy with stock suspension 
> due to the large gap between tire and fender.
> I have the Bilstein/Eibach combo and the drop (20mm all round) still 
> leaves a small gap between top of tire and bottom lip of fender so a 17 or 
> 18 looks nice without having that "slammed" appearance.
> I use stock wheels.
> Tony
> 96 S6
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>> Subject: [s-cars] Wheels and Suspension
>> As I alluded to with the 18" Speedline Avus question, I'm at the point 
>> now
>> where a wheel upgrade is starting to look like the next investment. I'm
>> running stock 16s as well as stock shocks and springs and am wondering 
>> what
>> the next logical step would be. I guess for the purpose of saving money, 
>> I'd
>> like to keep the suspension stock if possible, but am recently concerned 
>> by
>> how everything would look and drive with 17 or 18 inch wheels and lower 
>> pro
>> tires. Since I live in DC, I'm leaning towards 17s rather than 18s 
>> because
>> of the roads as well as the costs. So heres my question: Do these cars 
>> look
>> all awkward and rancho with bigger wheels and stock suspension height, 
>> and
>> if I go with 17x8 wheels (BBS RX 201), what is the best tire size 
>> (asuming I
>> stay with stock suspension if it is at all acceptable)?
>> Now assuming that I really ought to lower the suspension, what is the 
>> most
>> cost efficient route? If I had to, I would like to go with Eibach springs
>> and Bilstein shocks, but what's the best combo? Lastly, is the suspension
>> job a difficult DIY? I know it would take at least one special tool (to
>> compress the springs), but you can rent one can't you?
>> I'd appreciate any sage advice, and as I have a feeling this question has
>> been asked many times before, if there is a FAQ or guide somewhere I'd 
>> love
>> to know where it is. Thanks.
>> Matt Molyneux
>> 95 S6
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