[s-cars] I guess no one warned them about S//Fest?

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Thu Sep 22 11:01:27 EDT 2005

Mlped surfed~
"America's Best Place to Avoid Death Due to Natural Disaster": the area in
and around Storrs, Conn., home to the University of Connecticut. It lies in
Tolland County.."

Should be noted that it's prolly safe for all but one day a year.  And;
Just where is this sfest?  Didja have any trouble finding the place? Could
you find it on a map?    
Sfest is a wistful fantasy about go fast nuts who stumble on an enchanted
car show called sfest while hunting grouse on the Connecticut moors. One of
them falls in love with a beautiful GT3, then learns that sfest only
materializes from the mists of time for a single day every year around the
end of August. He cannot leave with the GT3 or sfest is doomed to disappear
forever. Torn between his love for the GT3 and his obligation to go home to
his urS4, he returns to New York. There, his overpowering desire for the GT3
and for the peace of sfest cause him to dump his two ton pig and return to
Connecticut in a desperate search for sfest and the GT3. Through the miracle
of his love for the GT3, the car and sfest reappear, and he joins them
Heck, this could be movie!
Bill ~it's a stretch~ M

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