[s-cars] Which Big Brake kit

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 22 22:22:58 EDT 2005

Hi Emre,

Does the 6mm is rotor diameter make that much difference? The calipers are
the same.

May be I should ave mentioned that I don't plan on taking my car on the

96 S6
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  FWIW, ECS Stage 3 DOES fit under both variations of stock S-car 16's. For
those telling you how cheap their kit was that utilizes a 993TT caliper
needs to realize that these caliper jumped up significantly in price in the
last few months, corresponding with the release of the 997.

  Also, BillzCat1 will not be taking any new orders for big brake kits unit
further notice in 2006.

  92 //S4
  90 Cq
  40 valves 'O plenty!

  On 9/22/05, Tony Curran <tony.curran at sympatico.ca> wrote:
    So I'm planning a big brake upgrade. Must fit under stock 16" wheels. So
    only found one vendoe, that being ECStuning Stage 2 at $1500 for the big
    black kit.

    E-mailed Richard of Billzcat1 2 weeks ago but haven't received a reply.

    Looked around at others but they can't match ECS for price. Are there
    others comparable to what ECS are offering?


    96 S6

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