[s-cars] S4 bucking under WOT - what else?

Ivan Demkovitch idemkovitch at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 23 09:14:58 EDT 2005

To all:

I "cleaned" MAF means that I sprayed connector and wire connector with 
contact cleaner couple of times.

Car started to play with me. This morning it drove almost fine. There was 
some interruptions when accelerate but they weren't violent and felt much 
different. Will see how it goes later when outside temperature hits 95-100

Replacing boots (even at WordPac prices) is kind of "guessing"

I'm still worrying about oil in turbo intake. MAF screen little wet and hose 
wet. I don't think it should be there?

I would pay somebody for shipping and ship back their MAF  ASAP if someone 
let me try it.

Or I can ship my MAF, ECU and coil pack to somebody who can test them for me 
on their car.
Too bad I didn't find any other UrS in St. Louis

93' S4

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