[s-cars] Which Big Brake kit

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at mci.com
Fri Sep 23 10:09:41 EDT 2005

For those interested, item number  8001316403 on e-bay.  Brand new 993TT
starting at $600.  Not my auction just passing it on.



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I can't remember if the UrS does a leading or trailing brake setup. IIRC,
you will have to swap the crossover pipes from the left to right calipers
and run the "Porsche left" caliper on the "Audi right" side and vice versa.
 IIRC, you don't want S8 rotors for RS2 brackets- you want '00+ D2 chassis
A8L rotors. S8 rotors are 345x30mm and A8L rotors are 323x30mm- the A8L are
more in line with the original 993tt rotor- 322x32.

 On 9/23/05, hoog23 at aol.com <hoog23 at aol.com> wrote:
> I've been going through the same dilemma for the past year... What a
> headache.
> I originally tried contacting bira but after a couple of emails I never
> heard anything back from them. It sounded like I would have had to wait
> until they had enough people interested to make a run of brackets.
> So I ended up buying euro a8 rotors at ECS and having billzcat1 make me a
> set of brackets (and SS lines) for 996 (ala sys 3). Once the brackets
> arrived (a few mos later) I then found a pair of used black 996 calipers
> (for $500!). A few weeks later I then found a set of new calipers (boxster
> = red) for $650 from brandywine porsche and bought those and was able to
> sell the used set for $500. Textar pads cost me about $120.
> So everything is sitting in my basement and now that fall is here I'm
> thinking of letting them sit until next spring. From my research I know
> I need to swap the vent lines but I'm still not sure if I need to swap the
> left and right calipers when I do the install.
> Total spent was about $1150. You may save some money if you can find a
> used set of calipers.
> As someone mentioned, your best bet may be the rs2 bracket (alex at
> europrice) and 993 tt calipers with s8 rotors. Also, as someone mentioned,
> the price of the 993tt calipers (used to be able to get them for about
> each new) have gone up considerably. Crescent City porsche (if they still
> exist) used to run specials. They have them listed on their site for $299
> still but the page is very very old. The last dealer that I spoke to who
> a special on them was Brumos Porsche - although I don't see the special
> listed on their site any more. May not hurt to call Brandywine either.
> If it wasn't for my wife seeing the $1500 charge on mastercard I kind of
> wish I just went the ecs kit route - although I believe that I may have a
> little more clearance flexibility with the 996 calipers.
> Dave
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> So I'm planning a big brake upgrade. Must fit under stock 16" wheels. So
> far
> only found one vendoe, that being ECStuning Stage 2 at $1500 for the big
> black kit.
> E-mailed Richard of Billzcat1 2 weeks ago but haven't received a reply.
> Looked around at others but they can't match ECS for price. Are there any
> others comparable to what ECS are offering?
> Tony
> 96 S6
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