[s-cars] S4 bucking under WOT

Ivan Demkovitch idemkovitch at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 23 10:34:09 EDT 2005


>      The "rattlesnake rattle" is the serpentine belt tensioner.  If  it is 
>the bearing going
>bad, then some listers have replaced the bearing by sourcing it  locally at 
>an industrial
>bearing supply house.

That bearing was replaced couple month ago. Sound is not "mechanical", it 
sounds like air.

Bearing sounded differently.

>      The WOT bucking should throw some codes but you are strangely  silent 
>about this.

guilty as charged. Had codes read before (first time I posted about problem 
couple month before) and there was nothing. But didn't now. I will have them 
read today. May be something came out.

>       I think <www.bimmerparts.com>  has about the best price for  these.

I found them pretty cheap but hate to order just to "try"
Because if it's coil - I will go with 1.8 coils conversion

>I was flogging a
>S6 Avant home from Nevada, and it has "needs" also.

Another S6? Congrats!

>      So, where did a Russian learn about rattlesnakes ?  Afghanistan ?
>From the movies :)

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