[s-cars] RS2 turbo and EM install questions

Tom Mullane tmullane at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 13:40:39 EDT 2005

 Agreed the RS2 turbo will flow more air at a given boost level, but I
wouldn't the MAF be aware of this and increase fuel accordingly? I believe
the fueling is based on air flow, not boost level.
 That said, your point is taken. Running the car with software expecting a
different trubo than the one installed is probably not a great idea long
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If I were contemplating this, I think I would want to ask Emre the

1. Do you think 24.5 psi coming from a K24 flows as much air as a RS2 at
24.5 psi?
2. Does the setup you mention work because the charge air is so much cooler
coming from an RS2 in comparison to a K24?
3. You don't think increased airflow versus unchanged fuel values can
contribute to lean running?
4. Does the ECU somehow compensate for this?

At least get yourself a wideband A/F gauge if you're going to do it. I
wouldn't put much stock into what others do. For instance, did Tom M have
RS2 injectors on his motor? How about the AW folks? I bet if any of these
guys was to pull their plugs, they'd look crusty white-a sure sign of
running a lean mixture.

I'm not doing this to be argumentative, I'd just hate to see someone kill
their motor.

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