[s-cars] Noisy 2Bennett Camber Plates

RubEric@aol.com RubEric at aol.com
Sat Sep 24 01:54:32 EDT 2005

I installed 2Bennett Camber plates after ruining a pair of SP 9000's.  
($0,uch)!  I had vowed to watch for wear but was looking in the wrong  place. When I 
finally looked in the right place the inner shoulders were worn to  the steel 
belts after only a few thousand miles.
My 2Bennetts are noisy. Rather they transmit noise. The noise I have takes  
the form of a 'rattle' at low speed over very minor road imperfectios. Tar  
snakes cause the rattle. I don't hear it over bumps, or other greater road  
imperfections that cause the suspension to work, or at speed.  I am lowered  1-3/4 
inches with Eibach springs and OE struts and shocks. 
I know the 2Bennetts are involved with this rattle because I temporarily  
reinstalled the OE upper shock mounts and the ride was quiet.  I suspect  the 
rattle originates from some other suspension component but I cannot find it.  The 
strut 'collars' are a tight as I can get them!
Any ideas BTDT??  I have a new set of strut mounting plates and am  about to 
do an 'Igor' but would rather find the source of the rattle and keep  the 
2Bennetts. Any help here would be appreciated.  I THINK there may be  something 
wrong with the struts causing the rattle. Anyone have a set to lend  for 
95 S6, (big reds, 18 inch Avus, chipped, digital boost  ga)

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