[s-cars] 2B Camber Plate Group Buy - Initial Interest Poll

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at mci.com
Sat Sep 24 09:11:23 EDT 2005

OK well, I for one plan on keeping my car for a looooong time.  So
capitalizing the cost of 2B even at a non-GB price, that's the one that
makes sense to me.  I just cannot get myself the psychological block of even
bending the fender lip for the ECS plate.


That said, who of you out there is a maybe and who is a for sure with 2B?
Reply to me directly and at the end of next week I'll contact 2B.  I have
never dealt with them so if somebody could either pave the road or provide
the appropriate point of contact that would be great.


Best regards,



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