[s-cars] Hesitation, Missing, Rough Idle

Paul Park whymustask at comcast.net
Sun Sep 25 01:16:08 EDT 2005

After letting a prospective buyer, who happened to be a used car salesman, test drive my car, I've come across a few problems

I've done the following in the last 50 miles:
-Fuel Filter
-Oil/Oil Filter
-Plug Boots
-Spark Plugs
-Air Filter

The car will run great for 5-10 minutes right after car is started up. After going WOT once or twice, the car will begin to feel like it's "missing".

If i'm driving for a while though, under WOT, sometimes the car will sputter during WOT, then all of a sudden, feel smooth and powerful.

It feels like a loose connection somewhere. Any hints? I bought some thermal paste to put on the POS's...maybe I'll buy a coilpack, and one POS?

Car has original alternator, original POS's, original MAF, original coilpacks. 

. I want to punch that test driver in the head for taking away the only good thing about my car: a healthy engine.


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