[s-cars] Eibach/Bilstein and Camber - What's *the* Solution?

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If you're getting uneven tire wear, you've probably got a combo of worn parts and bad alignment.   IMHO, it is best to do a comprehensive replacement of the suspension components, and get a good alignment.
I replaced everything (fr control arms, tie rod assys, upper strut mounts, swaybar bushings, rear camber links, all rear control arm bushings).  Why?  These cars are now old and worn, and could use a refresh.
After doing these things, I have extremely even tire wear, and have been rewarded with great tire mileage.  I have run -1.5 camber in front, and -1 in the rear.  Most recently I changed to -1 and -.5.  With routine (7500 mile) tire rotations, even these settings haven't produced any bad wear.
IME, the hardest thing to get is a GOOD alignment.  I've use a shop that will allow me to watch and assist.  The S4 is a PITA to align, and there are a bunch of ways for them to cheat to give you a good printout.  With my car well aligned, I'm getting great tire wear, and great performance.
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Fred mentions -0.5deg camber as being an "updated spec"
Im having trouble getting decent even tire wear with stock suspension.
Could not being able to achieve this adjustment be part of the problem?

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