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Geeze Taka, you're going to get Hap all excited talking like that!! :-) 

No, I'm pretty sure Dave's 442 ATW figure is an SAE adjusted number, so an
allowance has already been made for test altitude, temperature and humidity.
If Dave hadn't lost his dyno disk, MAC's software (google search/find
"runviewer7) will allow him to print off a totally uncorrected "raw" dyno
number.  On my Rx8, just as an example, a SAE corrected 186 bhp/134 ft-lbs
SAE "atw", will convert to 145.69/104.76 ft/lbs with correction set to
"none"   Pathetic, isn't it?

For the Green Garbage can, before Liminey Snikets and "... an unfortunate
series of events...." the best peak SAE numbers I ever saw on the same dyno
Dave has been using, were 429bhp total power/381 total torque SAE adjusted;
translates to 347 bhp/308 ft-lbs unadjusted for altitude etc.


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>So that 442whp in Denver altitudes translates to something 
>like 600hp+ at the crank? That is very impressive for a GT30 
>running on 2226cc.  What is the boost threshold and how is the 
>power delivery?  Taka
> On 9/27/05, CaptMagu at aol.com <CaptMagu at aol.com> wrote:
>> Russ
>> He's running a GT 30R ball bearing Garrett and tubular manifold with 
>> the Happersized custom dyno tuned large body turbo SW. Interested? 
>> Reply offline.
>> Hap, wit dakine Kewl SW from Evahboost, Maguire 

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