[s-cars] Dragstrip day

pkrasusky@ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Tue Sep 27 14:32:01 EDT 2005

whaaaaaaat, 17x8 PortlyAvus mit PortlyCUMho 255s isn't an ideal drag set


Na, the drags are just for goofs / practice / why not / mess with
others' heads / etc. heh heh...

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Paul -

> IV)  you run a 6 spd, IIRC?  Wonder what gearing you have, I don't run
> out of tach in my CMG, tho I'm only trap'ing @ ~ 97ish with my K24.
> Guess if I trapped higher I'd be shifting then to cross the gate?
> Thotho, do I fuzzily recall 1st-3rd being identical on 5 and 6 gang
> boxes, it's only 4-6 that are different, or was it only 1st-2nd?  Did
> you try keeping the right foot a-planted during the 3-4 upshift?

if you're close to redline in 3rd at the 1/4, why not try slightly
larger diameter race tires? if you can find some really lightweight
ones you might even be able to shave some time. after all, they
wouldn't be daily drivers.

just thinkin...

Steve Powers

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