[s-cars] Dragstrip day

Serge Filanovsky s6serge at verizon.net
Tue Sep 27 15:08:46 EDT 2005

A little squishy sidewall wouldn't hurt either. Too much traction is a
common complaint about our cars at the drag strip. 225/60/16 non-high
performance (softer sidewall) would allow a little slip and flex, and can be
had for about $50 each from tire rack. Unless you live in a place where tire
shops just pile up their take-offs out back before disposal. In that case,
they're free.

Sgt. Schultz

> Paul -
>> whaaaaaaat, 17x8 PortlyAvus mit PortlyCUMho 255s isn't an ideal drag set
>> up???
>> 8-)
>> Na, the drags are just for goofs / practice / why not / mess with
>> others' heads / etc. heh heh...
> I'm just thinking something with a larger rolling diameter would
> reduce the rpms at the end of the strip. plus, if you find something
> with lower inertia, you could possibly see better acceleration.
> in theory anyway...
> Steve
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