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Yeah, I'm using 440cc injectors, and the software to go with it.  Steve E (Shadetree) built my converter such that I can adjust the signal.  However, my main concern on initially setting it was to acheive a decent idle.  I do have the ability to control mixture under boost with the converter, but was unable to make that adjustment at the track.  I'll get it dialed in at the dyno friday or saturday.  Right now I'm running way too lean under full boost... as opposed to where I initially set it (7000ft) it was fine.
I've spent alot of time in the last 11 months driving the car as configured (28k miles), and right now it is not up to par.  It certainly ran better with the stock MAF.  However, I think this is just an adjustment issue, and can be made to work great.
Mark my words... this car, WILL run in the 12s on pump gas.  I still have a couple of tricks to implement before moving to 2511cc's.
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Dave ~ You are welcome to pull the ECU & 928 MAF chipset out of the Green
Garbage can, and give those a whirl.  I believe the 928 MAF programming in
the Green car's chipset may be slightly different.  The chipset in the Green
car was programmed using the RS2 fuel injectors, so ....  I'm not sure which
injectors your currently running, but IIRC I don't think they were the
360cc/min @ 3bar RS2's, were they?

It's not scientific, but it's probable the car will run a bit differently.
The question will be better? Worse? or no change.


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> ..... ..........................  Power delivery 
>is normally stunning with the stock MAF... but with the 928 
>MAF, it isn't right.  ......

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