[s-cars] Chip Soldering Tips

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 28 20:06:40 EDT 2005

Hi Aaron,

I did mine a few ago and the job is not too bad. Two questions...

1. Have you disassembled the ECU before, and
2. Are you competent with a soldering iron and desoldering braid (do not use
a solder sucker)

Heatsink paste is only used between a semiconductor device and a heatsink to
aid the transfer of heat between the two. Which leads to third question...

What were you planning to do with the heatsink paste?

What chips are you using?

96 S6

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Im preparing to remove my stock chips and install sockets and vmap.

My first concern is in removal - How much heat can the chips take?  I need
to get them out with out damage.  Should I consider heat sink paste?

Any comments on vmap install?

Any group wisdom would be appreciated.



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