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Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
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Running the Abt/Eibach/Bilstein setup on the avant with 225/45 tires has 
never resulted in excess wear for me, nor when I ran the 245/40's that I 
will go back to shortly (YMMV).  My alignment is a hair out on one side with 
the stock pieces; have the 2B plates sitting in the study, along with the 
HSRB, as yet uninstalled.  Wheels have been either 7.5" or 8" wide, all with 
+35 offset.  Don't really know why some of us have so much trouble and 
others catch a break.

Gotta love these cars.  They still retain a bit of the urq personality!

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> A set of '92 springs just went for $75 on ebay. The guy would have got 
> them
>> for $50 but I bid them up to $75.
> All this talk about suspension stuff is very interesting. Here's what I
> think I'm getting: If you want to lower an UrS6, you need camber plates, 
> or
> the thing won't align. If you want the stiffest stock springs, '92 S4 OEM 
> is
> the way to go.
> Which makes sort of a problem for me - I'd love to have the car a little
> lower - maybe an inch or so. Since I'm not going to be taking the car to 
> the
> track, I'm not looking for race-car stiffness. I like the fact that the 
> car
> is a luxury sport sedan - and it makes the wife happy. I had my boy-racer
> days with my Scirocco, and I don't want to do that any more. :)
> Since my first upgrade is going to be brakes, I figure I'll delve into 
> that
> first, but I like to keep my eyes open for used gear that might have life
> left in it. Like 2B camber plates on some S-car that might have been in a
> rear-end accident, or something. (For instance.)
> Is there a mild combination that I should keep my eyes open for? A little
> lower, same ride quality (a little firmer is OK, but not too much more - I
> like the ride quality as it stands.)
> Thanks, guys,
> Eric "Still peeved about not hearing about the Leavenworth trip"
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