[s-cars] Mysterious fuel pump problem at start

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Fri Sep 30 17:42:36 EDT 2005

Ok at the risk of being smacked with a large trout, how much gas was in
the tank when the mysterious problem occurred?

Gabriel Caldwell

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Here's a little intermittent problem I've been struggling with for a

About eight months ago, my '95 S6 was driven from Santa Cruz to San 
Francisco and parked on a hill (facing up hill) for about 10 min.  Came 
out, S6 wouldn't start.  Moved the car to a flat spot and it started.  
This near exact thing happened three more times.

Then it happened on the flat area at a gas station.  After cranking the 
car for few minutes, I talked to the mechanic at the station and came to

show him what was going on and ... yes, viola, the S6 starts without a 
problem.  Clearly, the car is developing a sense of humor.

With some help from Lou @ Dieter's in Mountain View, we tried a few 
things and with replacing the fuel pump relay, the problem vanished.  

Until last week.  It's back -- random fuel pump outage at startup.  I 
think it's the relay again, but why would that happen twice?  I'm 
wondering if there's another issue.  You have any ideas?

BTW, if the car starts, it runs fine.  It has so far, never (knock on 
wood) had a problem after it starts.


'95 S6
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