[s-cars] LL-tek front bumper.

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Mon Apr 3 00:11:29 EDT 2006

While offroading in my lower 93' (CAD) //S4, apparently I misunderstood the depth of the mud I was about to drive in.
And after coming to an abrupt stop, due to resting on the U/S of the body, I relieved all the AWD I had and more would be required to get myself outta this.
Now I can recommend to all those wanting to try mudding in an S4 to be sure that the underpan (lower engine cover, whatever it's called) is firmly in place. Since mine hasn't been present for many years, the lower bumper skin became a scoop as I was helped out the same way I went in. Needless to say they don't hold up well full of mud and gravel.

Now if that wasn't bad enough, as I was still trying to exit my cottage road, I started to get stuck again. This time I was able to back up unassisted. Unfortunately, the bumper cover caught something and dug in so the sides where pointing down.

Ok, prelude over, my cover is ripped across just under the pebbled surface. So this question is for those of you who have installed an LL-Tek front cover before. Will the bumper cover still work with the ll-tek, or do I need a new one.
I know that the installation calls for the lower part of the cover to be cut off, where is the cut-off portion ?

Going to be an expensive weekend I think.


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