[s-cars] LL-tek front bumper

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Mon Apr 3 17:03:40 EDT 2006

Yes, there is always the world according to Paul.

Not a bad world to live in me thinks.

I guess I just HAVE to do a FMIC now.

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> Subject: [s-cars] LL-tek front bumper.
> While offroading in my lower 93' (CAD) //S4, apparently I misunderstood
> the depth of the mud I was about to drive in.
> And after coming to an abrupt stop, due to resting on the U/S of the
> body, I relieved all the AWD I had and more would be required to get
> myself outta this.
> Now I can recommend to all those wanting to try mudding in an S4 to be
> sure that the underpan (lower engine cover, whatever it's called) is
> firmly in place. Since mine hasn't been present for many years, the
> lower bumper skin became a scoop as I was helped out the same way I went
> in. Needless to say they don't hold up well full of mud and gravel.
> Now if that wasn't bad enough, as I was still trying to exit my cottage
> road, I started to get stuck again. This time I was able to back up
> unassisted. Unfortunately, the bumper cover caught something and dug in
> so the sides where pointing down.
> Mark >>>
> Heh, "While offroading in my lower 93' //S4"...  seems like a perfectly
> normal beginning of a story to me it does.  Awesome.  
> I was just Saturday bemusing (YES JUST FOR YOU TEDDY) with Rossato about
> a pic I'd found on the net of an //S8 forging a mudbog and throwing 10
> foot brown roosters off each side.  When I'd first sent it out awhile
> back, I've loved Bob even more since, with his ultimate response to it
> of "why what else would you do with it????".  
> BWhahahahahah, yup.  It is AWD right?
> Ah Mark, I wouldn't worry so much about not mudbogging sans undertray...
> them NACA ducts do make sooperdooper mudscoops yes.  I've filled my tray
> with what seemed a cubic yard of mud / gravel, been better off w/o it.
> And careful them steering rack boots make perfect 'doors' for what ended
> up being 3 inches of clay laying atop my firewall frame rails.  "Boy
> Paul your powdercoated engine sure is clean but what's with all that
> dried mud doing wayway up there, so thick???".  Uh, what mud (quickly
> scrapes it off).
> My GT3 buddy @ LRP Sat was bemusing himself (Teddy, again) with my
> quarter sized areas of bare galvanized showing at the lower-rear front
> fender to rocker junction.  "How in the world does THAT happen???"...
> I retort, take 300 odd horse, AWD, add dirt roads, lack of brain cell
> induced WRC haze, stir, repeat.  How else?
> Think of all the work in cutting you saved yourself Mark for the LLTek?
> I'd say you're ahead of the game.  LLTek may consider adding that step
> to the install instructions maybe?
> -Paul yeah, issues, so, K.
> '95 Monster Truck
> ps.  heh, hey any other "Chen's" on the List care to email me the
> dictionary definition of bemuse???  Thought not...
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