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Fri Apr 7 11:55:06 EDT 2006

I don't know that I can agree Tom.  IIRC Stodard's "justification" for the
28k price, it was for just as you say, a "restoration"   For those on the
list that have been dumping this kind of money into an Ur-S, it's hardly
been, IMO, for restorative purposes.  Now if Stodard had said, $28k for a
full on RS2 or better mit big brake kit, V8 Torsen rear end, 6 speed, HID
conversion, big FMIC, coil overs plus bigger front & rear stabilizer bar, a
Happer Polish up etc., etc. I think $28k is a bit more understandable.  For
a stock car with, what was it, @ 100k on the odo?  Personally I find it a
bit out of line.  It's not so much the $28k, as it is it didn't, IMO, go
into all the right bits. 

But hey, if Stodard finds some one who thinks the way he does, more power to


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>I think many of us already have this "restoration" that has 
>cost upwards of 25K, it's only the "worth" issue that is unresolved.
>I think many of the comments ridiculing the advertisement of 
>the $28.5K car are off-base in rejecting the idea that anyone 
>would put that much in a URS all at once, 

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