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I'm planning on overhauling my suspension shortly and have purchased
every single piece made of rubber between the wheels and the chassis.
This includes sway bar bushings, control arm bushings, subframe mounts,
and all the hardware that goes along with it.

I'm replacing the shocks and springs too with Boge / euro-sport springs
and associated bearings, mounts and dust boots.

While I'm at it, I'm doing the CV boots, wheel bearings, engine and
trans mounts. I'm even throwing in a V8 torsen differential too.

All in all, I have assembled over 200 parts, I admit I'm quite obsessive
and have even pre-finished the suspension components.

You can see some pictures here:



For you with only 59K miles, I'd probably only do the sway bar and
control arm bushings and maybe the subframe mounts. For the front
control arms, its easier just to replace the whole arm as it comes with
a new inner bushing and new ball joint, for the rear, you will need to
press in/out the bushings. The rear is a PITA and there are a lot of
rubber bits back there.

Sean D.

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> My '94 S4 with 59,000 miles is no longer giving the nice 
> quiet ride it used to a few years ago when it had half the 
> miles on the odometer. Stock springs with Koni sports shocks 
> and 2Bennett top strut mounts is the current set up. No 
> rubber bushes, ball joints etc. have been changed.
> What's the collective wisdom as to the bits I should be 
> changing routinely, 
> and/or inspecting with a view to changing if necessary?
> My complaint is a general increase in noisiness and ride harshness.
> Thanks in advance.
> Tony Guttmann
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