[s-cars] Correct position for the "Diff front support bushing"?

James Murray (QA/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
Tue Apr 25 15:53:09 EDT 2006

Thanks, I have a new one in hand, looks to be equal spacing top and
bottom and no arrows. The old collapsed at the top, not the bottom. Yes,
current installation has open areas top and bottom, but wanted to check
with the group wisdom if this was correct installation... I figured if
the solid rubber part was oriented top & bottom this would not have
happened. Thanks for the input Bob.


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I can't speak with 100% certainty on this mount since I haven't replaced
one, but typically this type of mount has the open areas top and bottom,
with the smallest opening at the top so that it has more downward travel
available.  Sometimes there is an arrow molded into the rubber that
would point up.  

Take a look at your transmission mounts for an example.  You should see
open areas top and bottom, though if they're toast they will be mostly
collapsed a the bottom.


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> Hello, does anyone know what the proper position is for the "diff 
> front support bushing" Part # 443 505 145 A
> Took a while to track down the "thud" when shifting gears coming from 
> the rear... I've discovered that the bushinging that secures the rear 
> diff is shot and almost metal on metal... The bushing resides in the 
> bracket that supports the front of the diff, the bushing is not solid,

> it is kinda H formed withing the metal circle.
> What I'd like to know is the correct position of the bushing in 
> releation to the support bracket that it sits in, currently the space 
> is on top and on bottom while the rubber support is on the sides of 
> the bushing. Is this correct or should the rubber part be above and 
> below with the space on the sides?
> Reason I ask is that the bolt has broken through the space (dislodged 
> from the rubber) and is now hitting the support bracket, I was 
> wondering had the bushing been positioned the other way would it have 
> prevented this happening... so should I replace same way or the other 
> way around.
> Cheers, /Jamu.
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