[s-cars] Correct position for the "Diff front support bushing"?

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Tue Apr 25 18:11:49 EDT 2006


I'm going through an "extensive" suspension overhaul right now and I seem to 
recall that the open space goes on the top / bottom. This is outlined in 
Bentley, I can double check from home tonight.

BTW, the bushings are a b*tch to get out. You need a hydraulic press and need 
to find the perfect size socket to push on the metal sleeve part while 
supporting with a bigger socket from below. The facing side of bracket is not 
perfectly flat / square making this operation more difficult.

I got one out with a press, but the other side, I had to resort to torching 
out the centre piece, and carefully cut through the metal sleeve with a 
reciprocating saw. Then I punched it out with a large brass punch.

Pressing the new bushings in was a challenge for the above noted reasons and I 
finally got it to go after many attempts.


Quoting "James Murray (QA/EMC)" <james.murray at ericsson.com>:

> Hello, does anyone know what the proper position is for the "diff front
> support bushing" Part # 443 505 145 A
> Took a while to track down the "thud" when shifting gears coming from
> the rear... I've discovered that the bushinging that secures the rear
> diff is shot and almost metal on metal... The bushing resides in the
> bracket that supports the front of the diff, the bushing is not solid,
> it is kinda H formed withing the metal circle. 
> What I'd like to know is the correct position of the bushing in
> releation to the support bracket that it sits in, currently the space is
> on top and on bottom while the rubber support is on the sides of the
> bushing. Is this correct or should the rubber part be above and below
> with the space on the sides?
> Reason I ask is that the bolt has broken through the space (dislodged
> from the rubber) and is now hitting the support bracket, I was wondering
> had the bushing been positioned the other way would it have prevented
> this happening... so should I replace same way or the other way around.
> Cheers, /Jamu.
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