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The relay box under the hood is a wonderful way to get boost hoses or wiring
into the car.  There are lots of holes from the relay box that lead into the
footwell area of the driver's side.  It provides a great entrance to the car
while only having to drill through the plastic cover of the relay box.  You
couldn't route tons of wires through here but a few is absolutely no

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Boost gauge info is available inside the car already.  The MAP tube
is connected directly to the ECU under the carpet on the passenger's
side.  It is easy to insert a "T" in this hose and run another hose
to wherever you decide to mount a boost gauge.

Running wires for other gauges such as an EGT or the like can make
use of the rubber grommet (gasket, whatever?) surrounding the
steering column where it goes through the firewall.  Just punch an
appropriately sized hole and slide the wires through.

There may be other better routes to use but these have worked for me.

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>I spent about an hour yesterday trying to find a good route from under the
>dash to the under hood area for some gauge wiring.  Rather than try to
>re-invent the wheel here, where is the typical route people have used for
>boost gauge tubing and/or gauge wiring??
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